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What is an 808 Electronic Cigarette?

     Like most things in today’s booming technological world, new gadgets can be a bit confusing. Electronic cigarettes are no exception. There are so many different model numbers and model names that the newbie coming onto the scene is more than likely going to be overwhelmed. The most common e cigarette models are the 510 and 808 (also known as the 808D) electronic cigarettes.

     The 510 utilizes an atomizer and cartridge mouthpiece, whereas the 808 uses something called a “cartomizer” or “carto” for short. The cartomizer is an atomizer and cartridge all in one, making the 808 electronic cigarette a two piece device. It consists of the 808 battery and the 808D cartomizer which is threaded for the 808 model. The cartomizer has a thin wire coil heating element through the center with a polyfill batting packed around it. The polyfill is saturated with eliquid, AKA ejuice, and is slowly heated by the coil as the user puffs on the device. Although cartomizers are designed to be thrown away when they become dry, the user can actually refill the cartomizer with eliquid and use it a few more times to save on money.

     Many electronic cigarette companies will give names to the 808 or 510 electronic cigarette. A lot of people may have heard of the 808 ecigarette by the name vapor king, however companies will usually mark the prices up substantially simply because it has a “name”. Don’t be fooled, it is an 808D model that can be purchased at goodejuice.com for some of the lowest prices around. The quality is the same, if not better, as the overpriced ones at the mall kiosks or gas stations. Part of the reason you made the switch to electronic cigarettes was to save money, so buy smart and educate yourself as much as possible. This will help save you money in the long run and help ensure your success at transitioning from smoking to vaping.

     The 808 electronic cigarette is a wise choice for beginners. It’s a simple device that resembles the look of an actual cigarette and gives quality vapor performance. These are a couple of reasons why the 808 ecigarette remains at the top of the heap for people new to vaping. Cartomizers are inexpensive to replace and at some of the lowest prices online, Goodejuice Electronic Cigarettes carries everything you need to get started. Give the 808 a try, you will not be disappointed.

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