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Cartomizers and Atomizers: What’s the Difference?

     When people make the switch from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, a few important choices must be made.  One important decision is the choice between an electronic cigarette that uses atomizers, or the ones that use cartomizers.  But what is the difference between the two? Let’s take a look at these two important parts of the electronic cigarette..

     Both atomizers and cartomizers are heating elements that are powered by a battery, which is the body of the e-cig.  If you take the top piece off of an atomizer,  you will see inside of it a wicking metal mesh that is shaped like a bridge.  Eliquid can be dripped directly onto the metal mesh and vaped immediately.  Another method is called the blue foam mod.  Users cut a small piece of blue bonded foam and stuff it in the tip of the atomizer mouthpiece also known as the cartridge.  The foam is then saturated with eliquid and placed back onto the atomizer.  When the atomizer is activated, it uses the eliquid from the foam to feed itself.  For as convenient as it sounds however, the ejuice can burn out fairly quickly and dripping can also be a hassle for some.  Enter the cartomizer.

     In order to deal with the hassles associated with atomizers, manufacturers produced a different type of atomizer called a cartomizer.  The cartomizer is an atomizer and a cartridge all in one.  There is a generous amount of polyfill throughout the cartomizer which can hold around 20-30 drops of eliquid.  this can eliminate the need to drip or continuously saturate the foam.  One cartomizer can easily last for several hours. 

     Either way you decide, the electronic cigarette is something anyone wanting to quit traditional cigarettes should try.  Some prefer atomizers over cartomizers or vice versa.   It’s a personal preference that one must decide on their own.  Goodejuice.com has everything you need to determine what is best for you.

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