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Charge Your Electronic Cigarette on Your Computer

Electronic cigarettes are a great little piece of technology; there is no doubt about that. They are incredibly unique alternatives to cigarettes that really work and function much the same way as a cell phone. You can even charge them on your PC, which is quite an unusual feat for a company creating a version of a cigarette.

The battery is what powers the electronic cigarette and heats up the atomizer so that it can even work. Of course, when anything portable has a battery, it has to be charged. Look at your cellular phone or your e-reader if you have one, for example. So, the companies figured that the best way to charge these batteries would be just like any other piece of technology. And they created a charger for it.

Not only did electronic cigarette manufacturers create a wall charger for the e-cig battery, though. They also created a PC charger. You can actually plug your e-cig battery into a USB cord made for it and hook it up to your computer to charge, just like a cell phone or any other device. And it charges in the same amount of time as if you had just plugged it into the wall. It works exactly like a cell phone.

This revolutionary tactic made the electronic cigarette very much an object of interest. People were fascinated by the technology that went into it and how it actually worked. And with more people learning about the product every day, that continues to happen over and over again.

The manufacturers did not stop there, though. They took it all a step further with a great item called a PCC charger. This is a charger box for some types of electronic cigarettes. The cigarette battery plugs into it and gets charged from it. The box has a battery, though that has to be charged, and it can of coursed be charged through a computer as well. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

The technology of the electronic cigarette works just like a cellular phone. You can not only plug it into your wall, but you can also plug it into your PC to charge it. This technology on its own was unique and revolutionary, but manufacturers kept going with it. Now, a PCC charger box is available. This charging box can even be plugged into your PC to charge it up.

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