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The Difference Between The Joye eGo and The Joye eGo-T Electronic Cigarette

There are two different styles of Joye eGo Electronic Cigarettes, the standard edition and the eGo-T edition. What is the difference between the Joye Ego and the Joye Ego-T differ from eachother? Any Ego battery can utilize the Ego-T atomiser, which contains a spike that is fashioned for the use of tanks solely, and Ego-T tank cartridges, or uses standard 510 or Regular Ego atomizers, which do not have the spike and cannot be used as a tank system, with the suitable cartridges or drip tip that accommodate either one, or utilize cartomizers, which is a disposable combined atomizer and eliquid cartridge that can hold an ample amount of ejuice.

One nice feature of the Joye Ego-T is that the batteries have a five click protection system. Simply click the button five times quickly in succession and this will turn the battery on and off. This is a nice feature as the user can put the electronic cigarette in their pocket without worrying about the battery going off unintentionally. The Regular Joye Ego comes with standard batteries and standard non-tank atomizers and cartridges.

The Joye eGo-T Electronic Cigarette starter kit comes with:

*Two (2) Joye eGo-T atomizers.

*Two (2) Joye eG0-T five click manual 650mAh or 1000mAh batteries.

*One (1) Fast USB charger for eGo battery.

*One (1) 100-240V 500mA AC-USB adapter (Does not come with The Joye 1000mAh USB Starter Kit. Must be purchased seperately.)

*One (1) Official Joyetech Pouch for eGo-T Electronic Cigarette.

*One (1) Joye eGo-T Instructional Manual

*Five (5) Empty semi-transparent eGo-T tank cartridges including two that are already attatched to the batteries. Total of seven empty cartridges.

The Joye eGo-T gets rid of the need for the cotton or polyfill cartridges and utilizes a tank system that automatically feeds ejuice to the atomizer. It also gets rid of the necessity to buy, take out and refill cartridges as you would have to with the regular eGo. The Joye eGo-T is available in a Type “A” or Type “B” atomizer style. The Type “A” is a cone shaped atomizer, whereas the Type “B” is a cylinder shaped atomizer. It is widely known that the Type “B” eGo-T atomizer can hold more eliquid than a Type “A” can.

A lot of electronic cigarette users like the older style Joye eGo or Joye 510 e-cigarette, only they become sick and tired of the constantly refilling ejuice in the cartridges, which generally can hold only a few drops of ejuice. Also, using the polyfill to hold the eliquid usually results in a burning type taste that occurs with excessive use and not keeping it saturated with eliquid. One of the more common resolutions to this matter has been to switch from the use of cartridges to utilizing ‘dripping’ method which is to drip eliquid straight into the atomizer. Even though this method results in great vapor production and superb throat hit, the user must still drip the ejuice manually every few minutes or so. Dripping also has the tendency to be a little messy.

The Joye eGo-T style atomizers, paired with their specific tank cartridges is what makes this product revolutionary. Although Joye eGo-T battery is virtually identical to the old style of eGo batteries,it utilizes a tank or “tankomizer” that is exclusive to this model. It consists of a clear transparent 1.5mL plastic tank that can only be used with the model specific Joye eGo-T atomizers. When inserted into the eGo-T atomizer, the spike punctures the tank and allows for constant feeding of eliquid as the user inhales on the unit. this gives consistent taste and vapor production that is superior to other styles of electronic cigarettes.

In conclusion, if you are seeking to upgrade from a regular electronic cigarette to one that has superior battery life and improved vapor production, then the Joye eGo-T is the electronic cigarette that should be your choice. The standard Joye eGo was in its day a great device, and in some ways still is, however the Joye eGo-T is an even better improvement on what is considered by many to be the best in electronic cigarettes. When the ejuice starts to run low, simply pull the tankomizer out, refill with your favorite ejuice, insert it back into the atomizer and vape away! There is also tons of extra things you can buy like low resistance atomisers that will provide better vapor production and a more satisfying throat hit. This is by far the best of the best!

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