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Electronic Cigarette: Say Goodbye to Smoker’s Teeth

Many people value their smile. A nice white smile can get you a lot farther in life than you think. Similarly, though, a bad smile can affect you very negatively. One major way to destroy the color of your teeth is by smoking cigarettes. But quitting is hard. Fortunately for you, there is an alternative: the electronic cigarette.

The tar from cigarettes makes your teeth a sickly yellow-brown color. And many people will instantly notice this about a person the second they start to talk or smile. It is a very unattractive quality. In fact, some people actually judge others based on the color of their teeth. Women will often not date men because of their teeth. Surely you have heard of this occurring. What is commonly referred to as Smoker’s Teeth is a major source of insecurity for many people that smoke.

This is where the electronic cigarette comes in. It looks almost like a real cigarette, and you will even feel like you are smoking one. This great little device vaporizes liquid nicotine when you puff on it like a regular cigarette. But, there is no tobacco and absolutely no tar in it. All it has is electronic components and liquid nicotine. And a whole lot of genius.

One of the many benefits of the electronic cigarette centers on this fact. There is no tar, so you aren’t inhaling any. That means it can’t stain your teeth at all. And since liquid nicotine is turned to gas before it reaches you, there is nothing that can turn your teeth that ghastly yellow color. You can smoke all the time and you will never get yellow teeth from this great product.

Not staining your teeth is only one of a long list of benefits you will experience if you switch to an electronic cigarette. The fact that they contain no tar will also help your lungs. The lack of other harmful materials will help your body in a variety of other ways, as well as decrease secondhand smoke. People around you will greatly thank you for this one.

Switching to the electronic cigarette for your nicotine means you won’t have to walk by someone and faintly hear them say “Did you see their teeth?” ever again. It just doesn’t turn your teeth that awful color that you get from conventional cigarettes because this device contains no tar. And this is only one of many benefits.

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