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Galileo e-Cigarette Mod From Italy

Now available in the US and only at Goodejuice.com, the Galileo e-cigarette mod from Italy.

The Galileo is an Italian made mod with very adaptable battery and atomizer options. Made with an all aluminum body and telescopic design, this mod takes almost any battery except the 10440. Kit has 5 atomizer adaptors (510, 901, 808, 401, 4081) so it can be used with virtually any atomizer available. Setup is quick and easy, you basically have a top cap that has 3 holes inside and screws, you put the adaptor of choice inside and screw it in with the enclosed allen wrench, has a bottom cap, 2 tubes and rings, and the middle tube with the Galileo name engraved on it. Basically, bottom piece, tube, ring, middle tube, ring, tube and top piece. Oh and don’t forget the battery! Yasu75 on YouTube has a great video on step by step directions and the guys at Goodejuice.com are always around to help out with any of your e-cig needs! The tank for the Galileo is currently in production and will be available at goodejuice.com soon. For maximum vaping, the Galileo is the way to go.

Check it out Galileo e-Cigarette here..

Galileo e-Cigarette Mod From Italy

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