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Goodejuice Naturally Extracted Tobacco eliquid.

     For many esmokers that love tobacco flavored ejuice, finding one that really hits the spot is a tough task.  They search from vendor to vendor to find that true tobacco flavor, but keep finding that many of the e liquids they come across all use very familiar, not so unique, perfumey flavorings that can be bought at your local convenience store. Here at Goodejuice Electronic Cigarettes, we decided to take an unorthodox approach to creating a line of unique tobacco ejuice that would appeal to the true tobacco connoisseur. Enter our House Brewed ejuice line.

     To capture the true essence and flavor profile we were looking for, we knew we needed premium tobacco blends. With the help of a very friendly, and world renowned tobacconist, our mission to create the most realistic tobacco vapes in all of vaping began. By conforming to a unique extraction process developed by Goodejuice.com, we isolate the flavor and richness of the target tobacco leaf and carefully craft the ensuing flavorings into a real life tobacco humidor right at your finger tips. This is about as close as you will find to actual tobacco flavoring, and everything we all used to enjoy about its mystique and physically controlling powers.

     Many have said the throat hit is impeccable, and we must agree. Imagine tasting natural, flavorful tobacco without all the chemicals associated with combusting it. Pair this with super throat hit and great vapor production, you will think you are actually enjoying a genuine tobacco filled product. We only offer this premium eliquid line in one ratio, and our 50/50 PG/VG blend is no secret. Its the ratio that we feel is best for our customers in regards to performance involving throat hit, vapor production, and hardware friendliness.

     One of our signature flavors, Natural Perique, is naturally extracted from the real mccoy. This is not steeped chewing tobacco flavored with Perique Black flavoring, rest assured. Our Natural Perique is authentic from St. James Parrish Louisiana, No Bull. It is a perfect juice to appreciate on its own or combined with your other favorite tobacco vapes to add depth and flavor. Any pipe smoker, former that is, will recognize this flavor as the real deal. This unique curing process, for those who do not know, was first introduced by a French-American farmer who used the tobaccos that were being cultivated by the native Chickasaw tribes. The native tobaccos were packed tightly into whiskey barrels made of hickory and kept under pressure using screw jacks. Once a month, the farmers release the pressure from the oak barrels and re-situate the tobacco leaves. They are put under pressure again and this cycle continues for roughly one year. Our Natural Perique ejuice will give you that same fragrance and aroma that you used to enjoy, minus all the nasty chemicals that is.

     Whether you are looking for  a robust tobacco flavor like Natural Perique or a sweeter natural tobacco like Vita Bella, there is one in our extensive House Brewed eliquid lineup that is sure to please. We don’t think you will find a more real tobacco taste. The throat hit is excellent and the perfect blend of VG provides plumes of vapor. Goodejuice Electronic Cigarettes understands your tobacco needs and have stepped up to the challenge. Try some House brewed e liquid from Goodejuice.com today!

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