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How To Use A Joye eGo-T Electronic Cigarette

I Enjoy the eGo-T.  It equaled departing from a Chevy to a Mercedes when I advanced.

The learning curve ball consumed me a trifle, while days spent searching on the most beneficial product.

So, you have at long last acquired yours from the postal service. I will guide you through with configuring it for your 1st vape session!

Joye eGo-T How to

How to use a Joye eGo-T Electronic Cigarette

Step 1:  Charge the batteries.  My eGo-T’s batteries were more or less amply charged once I got them, yours in all likelihood will be also.  They’ll most likely be fully charged in less than an hour.

Step 2: Prepare the atomizer.  You’ll need to blow out the priming liquid that it ships with, otherwise you will get a awful tasting vape for the 1st couple of minutes.  To properly blow it out, use a few tissues or paper towels, pushed against the atomizer end (The end without the screw connecter) and blow through the battery end.  Hard.  You will prefer to blow through it for about a few seconds (obviously taking breaks and taking breaths).  Once you no longer encounter any liquid dribbling out and spotting the paper, you’re good to go.

Acquire a piece of tissue paper and coil it up so it’s pointy, and place it in the atomizer end, and absorb any liquid left behind on the metallic plate, and interior walls.

Step 3:  filling up the storage tank.  There is three techniques I recognize for executing this, and I will address all three.

Technique 1: Remove the cap away from the bottom applying your fingernail.  Trickle the liquid inside till you are approximately 1/4″ from the top.  Reinstall the cap.

Technique 2: Drive the tank into the atomizer to puncture the seal.  Take out the tank and then use a syringe to fill up the storage tank, again, cease once you are about 1/4″ from the top.

Technique 3: Press the tank into the atomizer to puncture the seal.  Take out the tank, then press your bottle’s tip into the hole, and fill up the tank (this can be untidy on a few bottles), and once again, cease when you’re about 1/4″ from the top.

You need to stop 1/4″ from the top since it does not seem to wick the juice decently if you fill them the whole way up.  It appears to need a bit of air to wick decently.

Step 4:  positioning the tank onto the atomizer.   Drive the tank into the atomizer till it’s amply seated, there should be no more gap between the butt of the atty, and the edge of the storage tank.  Twist the tank around at the least 1 time to assure suitable wicking.  Orientation does not actually seem to count, but a few folks have stated that if you do not aline the slopes of the tank with the open sides of the atomizer, you’ll get cut down on airflow.  This hasn’t been my experience, but your milage could variate.

Step 5:  Bod the atomizer to the battery.

Step 6: B sure your battery is switched on.  The eGo-T batteries have a “five click” safety feature.

Step 7:  Prime the atomizer.  Without compressing the button, take 3-4 genuinely heavy puffs on the atty.  This will begin the wicking process, and get the juice feeding to the atomizer.  You ought to taste the flavour of the juice once you’re on your last puff.  Whenever you do not, try taking 1-2 additional primer puffs, just be aware, you do not want to flood it!

Step 8: press the button and vape.  With the eGo-T it’s better to take really long, easy puffs.  For me, it is approximately 4-5 seconds for a taste of vapor.  To get the best “hit”, I breathe in it shallowly, and blow it out slow through the nose.  If you require a really potent “hit”, you can try the French inhale.

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