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How To Use Your Joyetech Tank System

The Joye 510-T and Joye eGo-T by Joyetech are a couple of the latest and most innovative electronic cigarette inventions to arrive on the electronic cigarette scene in quite a while. To fully appreciate this remarkable invention, you must first comprehend the entire conception behind the design of the Joye eGo and Joye 510 tank system. It’s quite simple and straight forward. Let’s take a look at this revolutionary concept in electronic cigarettes.

The tank system was fashioned to give the electronic cigarette user an ultimate vaping experience different than any other. Utilizing refillable plastic tank cartridges that are free of any filler or poly-fill, the tank cartridges bring about to the user a fuller representation of the flavour of the e-juice that is being used to refill them. The idea behind it is that if there is not any cotton or polyfill in the cartridge, then the taste of your e-liquid will not be changed in any way. Another actual benefit distinguished with the Joyetech tank designs is that the amount of vapor and flavor is increased due to the reality that the e-juice goes instantly to the Joye eGo-T atomizer coil, making the taste and vapor have more of a feeling of dripping with a drip tip to it.

On that point, there is a few learning curves that go along with owning a Joye Electronic Cigarette. For example, the tank systems have some cases with minor leakage. This is not an uncommon subject and has been acknowledged by many Joyetech electronic cigarette users. The cause for this is the silica fibres inside the piercing needle of the Joye 510-T or Joye eGo-T atomizer can have a propensity to slip down and become disarranged. This is a very minor matter that Joyetech has recently even brought out an answer to the issue, The Joye eGo-T Overflow Prevention Caps. The reason this problem with minor leakage happens is actually because of user error. When the user pushes the cartridge onto the atomizer, sometimes they use too much force and this makes the atomiser wick move out of place. The Joye eGo-T Overflow Prevention Caps assist in reducing this issue for the simple fact that they are a touch softer than the regular caps and makes the piercing process more simplified for the electronic cigarette user. We advise to merely use a sterile pin or needle to pierce the small hole in the cap on the tank cartridge before putting it onto the atomizer. This will limit the need to put excessive force on the cartridge and cause the wick to slip down.

If you need to adjust the wick, this can be done with the proper tools and a little handy work by the user. Always be careful and make sure there is proper lighting as well. Using a small pin or pick, preferrably one that has a hook, scope down into the atomiser and maneuver your pin into the opening on either side at the base of the needle (coil) within. Jimmy up the coil base very lightly and slowly, alternating from each side as you work to get it out. You will begin to notice that it will slowly work its way out of the atomizer housing. When you have the needle out, you will clearly see the silica wick inside the center of the needle.  If the silica wick is smashed down so that the top of the wick is not even with the top opening of the needle, you should adjust it so that it is flush. Utilizing your small pin or pick, lightly pull the silica wick upwards until it is flush with the top of the needle.  When you finish adjusting the silica wick to where it should be, you must to re-install the needle base back into the eGo-T atomiser. To accomplish this, merely install the needle base back into the atomiser the exact same way that you took it out from. Make certain your not too hasty here, you should ensure that the fibres of the silica wick make excellent contact with the coil at the bottom of the atomizer’s housing. The needle base won’t entirely seat back into the atomiser until you put the Joye eGo-T tank cartridge back on and you hear a snap sound. Nowthe needle is seated back in place. Also, you should ensure that the vent holes on your eGo-T tank cartridge are lined up with the two channels on the needle base to make certain of the best air flow and this also helps ensure that leaking will not occur.

By following these simple tips, you will be completely satisfied with your purchase of the Joye 510-T or Joye eGo-T electronic cigarette. The new sleek branding and continued quality makes these among the best of the best when it come s to e-cigarettes. At the lowest prices around, Goodejuice.com carries a wide array of Joyetech products and accessories for all of your vaping needs. You can be confident that when your vaping with Joye products, your vaping with quality.

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