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Mix Your Own Electronic Cigarette E-Juice

The electronic cigarette has been through a lot of changes since its creation. And so has the liquid nicotine, or E-juice that goes into it. So many flavors have become available. But now, there is a whole new way of doing things. Now, you are not even restricted to the many flavors available for you – if that was really a restriction at all. You can create your own mix and match flavors with customizable liquids.

The liquid nicotine in an e-cig is the only thing you actually smoke. The liquid nicotine goes into the electronic cigarette. It is then turned into vapor and inhaled by you. The process is easy, and the liquid is essential. Manufacturers have put a lot of time and effort into the electronic cigarette.

There are countless varieties of liquid today, but it wasn’t always so. Originally, there were only cigarette flavors. But soon, fruit flavors developed then more and more different kinds. Today, you can nearly find anything. Sweets are available, as well as coffee and even beer flavored – although the appeal of this taste in a cigarette is a little debatable. There are so many varieties, you could never want for more.

But just in case you want to be even more creative with your liquid than even manufacturers are able to, now you can. Many companies that produce e-cigs are now offering you the chance to combine different flavors to create your very own unique E-juice that you will love. You can literally combine anything. Here are some examples of flavors that you can combine for great tastes.

You can add chocolate and/or caramel to coffee flavored liquid to create a great caramel mocha flavor. Or, you could add strawberry or peach fruit flavoring to a margarita liquid for a fruity drink if you like. Or, you can make a peanut butter cup by combining peanut butter and chocolate. There are so many delicious combinations that you can literally be a creative chef with your E-juice.

With the new option of combining different flavors of liquid nicotine for your electronic cigarette, you can now experiment with your E-juice flavors. You can find one that you absolutely love of your own creation, or sample a new flavor every time you order more juice. It is all up to you, and the choices are limitless. The sky is the limit. If only everything was this much fun.

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