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Quitting Tobacco Use: Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

Tobacco use is a burden, we all know it.  Quitting Tobacco use altogether can be a scary thought.  Along with being one of the strongest addictions known to man, it can become a part of one’s identity.  We get use to the routine of having a cigarette in the morning and especially crave them after a good meal or with a nice cup of coffee.  And most people know how powerful tobacco addiction can be when we consume alcohol.  But we also know the long term effects of smoking.  The diseases and pain that tobacco use causes reminds us all  that it is best we stop this nasty habit.

Many have tried to stop using products such as nicotine gum, nicotine patches and other types of prescription drugs only to return to smoking.  As word spread about a new invention called the electronic cigarette, many people were unsure and a little stand-offish of the device.  However the electronic cigarette is gaining popularity by the second, simply because it’s a product that works.  It gives people the freedom to enjoy nicotine without all the nasty cancer causing chemicals that combusted tobacco smoke gives off.  It actually feels like you are smoking and creates a water vapor that simulates actual smoke.

The nice thing about electronic cigarettes is the fact that you can start out with a high level of nicotine, and slowly decrease the levels if you wish.  Goodejuice.com eliquids can be purchased with high nicotine to medium, low, and zero.  Many people choose to just completely switch from tobacco use to vaping and may never quit electronic cigarettes.  That is the nice thing about the e cigarette.  It gives people an excellent and safer alternative than normal tobacco use.

There are a few electronic cigarette kits worth mentioning for the newbie.  The Joye 510 and 510-T models are perfect for beginners.  They are the size of an actual cigarette and are very effective in determining if electronic cigarettes are right for you.  Another popular model is the 808d Electronic Cigarette.  It also is the same size as an actual cigarette and is very popular for beginners.  When it comes time to graduate to a nicer device, the Joye eGo-T is by far the most superb electronic cigarette on the market and should be highly considered.  Places like Goodejuice Electronic Cigarettes carry authentic Joyetech products and offer some of the lowest prices online.  The bottom line is, Electronic Cigarettes not only work, they work very well and are an effective alternative to regular tobacco use.  They are highly recommended by many who have successfully made the switch.

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