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Types of Electronic Cigarette Atomizer

The electronic cigarette, or e-cig, is a very popular type of device for smokers. One of the essential parts of this, the atomizer, has been modified in a variety of ways since the product hit the market. There are now a variety of different kinds of atomizers that you can find to use with your e-cig.

The atomizer is the essential part of the e-cig. It is the part that makes the technology so incredibly unique. It vaporizes the liquid that reaches it, turning it into a gas that can be inhaled by you when you puff on the e-cig like a regular cigarette. The atomizer is what makes the e-cig work so incredibly well.

In general, there are three basic types of atomizers. The starter kits commonly come with a regular atomizer. This method uses cartridges that are either refilled or replaced with already filled cartridges. These can’t be filled a whole lot, though, because the liquid can’t overwhelm the atomizer or it will burn up. This regular type of atomizer is often replaced with an easier version to use.

This easier version is called the cartomizer. The cartomizer is a unique kind of atomizer that can handle multiple drops of liquid put directly onto it. Another method, commonly reffered to as dripping, completely does away with any need for a cartridge whatsoever. A drip tip is commonly paired with an atomizer for this method as well. This is where people tend to save the most money when they make the switch to the e-cig because they don’t have to order cartridges ever again.

A new type of atomizer has been developed that has not caught on yet because it still has a few bugs in the system. This type is a long clear vial-like atomizer and cartridge combination made of clear plastic or thin glass that is called a clearomizer, of course. This clearomizer can be filled completely and will last a very long time even compared to a regular cartridge. They are gaining widespread popularity.

The atomizer has seen some major changes, some very successful, others less so. But, what remains true out of all that has happened is that it has happened very quickly. And surely we will continuously see more and more developments and changes made to the atomizer. New types will come out constantly.

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