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Different Types Of Electronic Cigarettes

     With all of the different models and types of Electronic Cigarettes, it’s easy to see how one can be overwhelmed and confused.  What starts as a simple search on the web turns out to be a complicated subject that may turn some away.  It’s important to understand that all electronic cigarettes, aka personal vaporizers, provide the user with the simulated act of smoking tobacco without actually, well,  smoking tobacco.  Let’s talk about some common types of electronic cigarettes and other known names for them.

     By far the most well known electronic cigarettes are the ones that resemble actual cigarettes.  Within this group there are different model numbers.  The common and most popular ones are the 510, 808, 901 and 801 models.  They are usually called different names depending on the company that is selling them, which in turn confuses the public.  The numbers actually identify the specific threading from the battery to the atomizer or cartomizer.  For example, any 510 atomizer or cartomizer will fit any 510 electronic cigarette, because the threading is the same.  The same goes for the 801 design.  The 808 and 901 are actually the same threading, making them interchangeable parts.  Because these are only the size of cigarettes, the life of these batteries are substantially shorter than bigger versions of electronic cigarettes.

     One of the most well known and trusted bigger models of electronic cigarettes is the Joye eGo-T.  This electronic cigarette is slightly wider and longer than the standard size ones.  The bigger battery provides a longer life between charges and also performs better than the smaller ones.  Because they are bigger, they heat the atomizer up better which in turn provides a better throat hit and “smoking” sensation than the smaller ones.  Joye offers two sizes in the eGo-T.  It can be purchased in the smaller 650mAh size or the bigger 1000mAh size.  Both sizes perform excellent, but you do get a longer charge out of the 1000mAh obviously because it’s bigger.  Also, the ego-T batteries are a 510 type threading, which means any atomizers or cartomizers with the 510 threading will work with them.  Joye eGo-T atomizers however, will only fit on Joye eGo-T batteries because of their unique design.

     These are just a handful of the many different types of electronic cigarettes on the market today.  There are also other ones known as “mods” that come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and house different types of battery configurations.  There are even some that are variable voltage, where the user themselves can adjust different voltages and wattages.  But we can save that topic for another day.  The most common and popular ones have been discussed above and will give you a strong foundation to start with.

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