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Different Types of Electronic Cigarettes

The electronic cigarette is the newest alternative to smoking. It is much healthier and more cost efficient. Each and every electronic cigarette, or e-cig, is different though. There are a variety of different kinds to choose from with their own characteristics, and they vary by price as well.

The cheapest e-cig type that you can find can actually be bought in stores. Most commonly, they are found in gas stations. These are completely disposable. One single cig lasts for about a week. When you are done with it, you simply throw it away and buy a new one.

These are a little cheaper than cigarettes, but usually not drastically cheaper, and can even be more expensive it you are a heavy smoker. There are other drawbacks to this very convenient type as well. Also, even though they are very easy to use, they don’t tend to work as well as the more expensive types unless you order them online. And online, you won’t really save a lot of money when you buy one of these.

When you visit the online manufacturers of e-cigs, you encounter a type that is not disposable. Instead, it comes in three different parts. You can sometimes still throw away the cartridges, but the battery and atomizer are kept.

These tend to cost a lot upfront, but over time, you will be saving a lot more money than you would anywhere else. These kits usually cost about $25 up to $75, depending on the specific kind you buy. You can save anywhere from about $20 a month on your e-cig to well over $100. That, for a very small car, is quite a bit of gas money.

Novelty versions are even made that cost a lot more. These e-cigs come in a variety of different types and strengths. You can also buy different atomizers, methods of refilling the e-cig, and anything else you want to assemble your e-cig exactly how you like. This allows you to customize your product for your needs.

When you buy an e-cig, there are a variety of different kinds from which to choose. You can pick a disposable option, or you can order a kit online and decide from different methods of refilling it. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Picking the best one for you is just about your own habits and preferences when it comes to smoking.

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