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eCigarette Drip Tips

"Dripping", as it is commonly known, is a method where the esmoker manually drips e liquid onto the atomizer and does not rely on a tank to feed the ejuice. Drip tips, or e cig tips, allow esmokers to drip eliquid into their atomizers without the need to take the mouthpiece off. Standard mouthpieces that come with the atomizer are no longer needed. Simply remove the existing mouthpiece, and replace it with the proper drip tip. As with e cigarette batteries and atomizers, drip tips are model specific, so be sure to pair the right one with the atomizer you use. 510 and 901 atomizers require 510/901 drip tips and 306 atomizers require 306 drip tips.

Here at Goodejuice Electronic Cigarettes, we have many sizes, colors, shapes and models of e cig drip tips to choose from. From the vase and cannon styles, to the calabash and aluminum tips, there is an e cigarette drip tip for every vapors' preferences. Every electronic cigarette kit should have a drip tip to go with it. Many claim that for throat hit, vapor production, and flavor, the dripping method cannot be beat.

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