Menthol Analog eJuice

Menthol Analog eJuice
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Menthol Analog eJuice

Our NET version of a light menthol cigarette. It's very satisfying and the menthol is not overpowering but has a pinch of sweetness. Blended just right and made with three very different light tobacco's.

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i gave up on looking for a menthol tobacco years ago, all tasted like Halls and not tobacco.. pic here reminded me of my Kools when the packs use to look like pic so i said what the heck, might as well add it to my order.. SO glad i did!! right out the box it smelled like a fresh tobacco menthol cig so i added some to my dripper and was pleasantly surprised at how good it is.. Sweet but, not sweet. the non dark NET tobacco is at the forefront and not ashtray tasting, the menthol is light like it should be and does not taste like Halls.. this is blended well and i so wish i had found this years ago, it would of made me a very happy vaper right off the bat!! If you are looking for replacement for your Kools or Newport's, this is a must try!! i use RDA's & RTA's so in clearomizer types, it may taste different but, i think given its a light NET tobacco, it will not gunk them up very fast like other NETs can and worth trying out in them too.

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